Message from the Chairman Surender Singh Kandhari about Meditation(Nam japna)

Message from the Chairman Surender Singh Kandhari about Meditation(Nam japna)

The three duties that a Sikh must carry out can be summed up in three words; Pray, Work, Give.

Nam japna : Meditation / Keeping God in mind at all times.Kirt Karna : Earning an honest living. ...Vand Chhakna: (Literally, sharing one's earnings with others) Giving to charity and caring for others.

This month we have chosen the topic of Meditation (Naam Japna)The Sikh method of Meditation/Simran is called “Naam Japna” – recitation of the name of Waheguru. It is to remember at all times that He is everything to us. Therefore regularly invoking his name and finally becoming one with him.That is ultimate peace.

Doing our Nitnem (five daily banis); reading, singing, understanding and absorbing ‘Gurbani’; attending and participating in Gurdwara activities as part of the Sadh Sangat and doing seva (community service) are all methods of nurturing love for Waheguru. Naam Simran is the activity to draw closer to Him and becoming one with Him.

The practice of meditation is a singularly personal practice. Focusing on God, and being mindful of any answers or impressions that are provided, are both immensely valuable to anyone who practices meditation and listens to God’s voice on a daily basis.“God hath no marks, no color, no caste, no lineage,No form, no complexion, no outline, no costume; none can in any way describe Him.

He is Immovable, Fearless, Luminous, and measurelessin might;
He is accounted King of kings, Lord of millions of Indras;
He is Sovereign of the three worlds, demigods, men, demons;
The woods and dales declare Him Indescribable.
O Lord, who can tell all Thy Names? The wise call Thee special names according to Thy deeds.”(Guru Gobind Singh- Jap Sahib)

God may be called by countless names by the devotees who create these name according to His Attributes and qualities, but the first and the foremost name of God is clearly depicted as ‘SAT’ (Eternal Truth) which shows the ever existence of God:

“Our tongue utters only Thine acquired Name but ‘SAT NAM’ (Eternal Truth) is Thy Primal and Transcendental Name”. (Maru Mohalla 5, p-1083 Guru Granth Sahib)

The word NAM (Name) is used in practical religious life and in discipline of meditation. God is remembered by His Attributive Names. In Sikhism “Wahe Guru” is the True Name to be meditated upon which represents the total power of God. Other religions have given the Divine Names like Ram, Allah, God etc. Contemplation or meditation on True Name (Wahe Guru) is called practicing the presence of God in our consciousness.

“As hands or feet besmirched with slime,Water washes white; As garments dark with grime,Rinse with soap are made light; So when sin foils the soul,Prayer alone shall make it whole.” (Japji- pauri 20, p-4 Guru Granth Sahib)

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