Sharjah Aquarium Carnival kick starts today

Sharjah Aquarium Carnival kick starts today


After having attracted nearly 20,000 visitors last year, the fifth annual Sharjah Aquarium Carnival, brings out new activities to further engage the public, mainly children, and educate them about the importance of preserving marine life and environment. 
Kicking off on Tuesday, February 18, under the banner “Marine Pollution”, this year’s aquatic carnival introduces a first-time virtual reality experiences, and story-telling in Arabic and English.

With life-size models of sea creatures walking around them, visitors to the carnival, which runs until February 22, will be drawn to as many as 15 interactive workshops focused on highlighting the grave impact of pollution and the significance of conserving sea life held at the outdoor area. 

The free-to-attend carnival, which is part of SMA’s ‘Because We Care’ initiatives, aims to raise awareness about aquatic life and marine ecosystem. The event which, has already proved a hit with visitors, will also host a wide variety of stage and bubble shows, acrobatic displays, beach and maze games. 

Organising this annual event, which is held during the winter season, allows community members to enjoy the carnival’s outdoor activities, while educating them about the importance of protecting UAE’s marine environment, and also engaging them in the process, through a series of fun and thrilling activities. 

Daily shows and activities are held from 4.00pm to 9:30pm. 

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