Al Barsha Police Station meet needs of People of Determination

Al Barsha Police Station meet needs of People of Determination

Dubai:The Al Barsha Police Station in Dubai has recently completed its strategic phase of bringing the station's premises and facilities in conformity with the Dubai Universal Design Code for People of Determination.

According to Brigadier Abdul Rahim bin Shafie, director of Al Barsha Police Station, facilities and services provided by the police station currently meet 98.96% of people of determination mobility needs. 
"This achievement, which is a result of the ongoing collaboration with the General Department of Logistics, is within the Dubai's comprehensive plan for enhancing the lives of people of determination through renovating Dubai Police's premises to fulfil the requirements of the Dubai Code that calls for an empowering environment" Brig. Bin Shafie said. 

He added that this accomplishment fulfils the instructions and directives of H.E Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, and it is in line with the Dubai's vision of transforming the city into disabled-friendly by 2020 "My Community... A City for Everyone". 

"It also supports the strategic objectives of Dubai Police, mainly the Community Happiness, and the People of Determination Strategy 2016-2021", Brigadier bin Shafie added.

Brigadier bin Shafie confirmed the people of determination friendly police station offers unique parking spaces, as well as guiding lines and  Braille signage for the visually impaired. In addition to reception desks to communicate with people with hearing and visual impairments. He added that the police station also features (Labbeh) which offers seven-star services to people of the determination at the comfort of their vehicles. 

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