Dubai Police qualifies 1090 ‘Safety Ambassadors

Dubai Police qualifies 1090 ‘Safety Ambassadors

Dubai:The Dubai Police has trained 1090 students to become ‘Safety Ambassadors’ to raise security awareness among their peers and report incidents of bullying and abuse. 

According to Brigadier Mohammad Abdullah Al Mur, Director of the Human Rights Department at Dubai Police, the initiative is aimed at supporting children and protecting them against any harm or violence. “The Ambassadors educate fellow students about their rights and what to do if they are bullied or face violence, negligence and abuse,” he added.

Al Mur said the ‘Safety Ambassadors’ program targets students aged between 6 and 16. “It encourages pupils on reporting cases of violence, negligence, abuse and bullying, and educates students on how to contact the Women and Children’s Department of Dubai Police if they become victims of such crimes,” he said. 


Meanwhile, Fatima Al Beloushi, head of the Awareness Section at the Women and Children’s Department of Dubai Police, said students who went through the workshops were educated on their rights and what to do if they were victims of any crime. “We educate children on their rights as stated under UAE Federal Law No. 3 of 2016 (Wadeema Law) in a simplified manner,” Al Beloushi explained.

Al Beloushi confirmed that Department, in cooperation with schools, has formed protection committees in public and private schools to protect children from any violations they may be exposed to, and to raise their level of awareness. She also explained Dubai Police’s intention to expand the successful project across more schools in Dubai and to intensify their work to ensure the happiness and protection of children. 

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