90 Goalkeepers & Coaches complete Iker Casillas Training Program

- November 24, 2022 , by Maagulf
90 Goalkeepers & Coaches complete Iker Casillas Training Program

Dubai: More than 90 goalkeepers and their coaches in sports clubs & private academies have completed the goalkeepers training program, launched by Iker Casillas, the former prominent goalkeeper of the Spanish National Team, Champion of the World Cup 2010, Champion of the UEFA EURO 2008 & 2012 and Champion of the European Champions League several times with Real Madrid.

The Goalkeepers Training Program, held for the first time outside Spain, was organized in partnership with Fursan Hispania Club & in collaboration with Dubai Sports Council (DSC) and it aims to attract & boost sports talents.

Participants in the program were awarded training completion certificates by Iker Casillas, in the presence of Mr. Ahmed Salim Al-Mahri, Director of Sports Development Dept. in DSC / Mr. Michel Salgado, the former star of Real Madrid & Spain National Team.

The Goalkeepers Training Program focuses on the technical, tactic, physical & psychological sides. The training sessions were conducted as per the Spanish technical model, which is approved for the training of goalkeepers. The program was held under the direct supervision of Iker Casillas who enjoys distinctive experiences in this field.

The Program comprises four stages; the first of which was held from 1st to 4th Dec. 2021, while the second stage commenced from 21st to 24th Feb. and the third stage was launched from 3rd to 9th April 2022. The fourth stage was organized from 15th to 21st Nov. 2022.

The world star Iker Casillas expressed pleasure toward the remarkable success of the Program and the wonderful participation of more than 90 goalkeepers, referring that participants have reached top technical level after completion of the training program. He thanked DSC toward its support of the Program.  Casillas confirmed that he has chosen Dubai as a favorite destination to host his first training center outside Spain to train goalkeepers of sports clubs & private academies in addition to amateurs from the age of 8 to 21 years old. The launch of this Program in Dubai came after an accurate study for the chances of success of all events taking place in Dubai, based on its modern sports facilities & developed infrastructure, designed as per top world standards, taking into account that Emirate enjoys many indoor & outdoor facilities and racecourses in various locations. The Emirate of Dubai also provides enough motivations for residence & investment and it gathers communities from the most countries of the world who reside in full peace & harmony.

Iker Casillas confirmed that Dubai is the favorite destination for the most famous sports stars in the world, lauding the pioneering role presented by the Emirate in the sports field in general and football in particular. He also explained that Dubai is considered as a football center in the region. 

DSC is keen to support fruitful initiatives & programs to meet its strategic goals.

The Program is one of several programs & initiatives, launched by DSC to boost national sports talents in clubs; among these several programs are: the Future Goalkeeper Program and the Future Striker Program.


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